The crafts of colorist, painter and metallizer all consist in reaching tint targets, i.e., colors, surface finish and nuances. The color target is either a benchmark or a Pantone / RAL code. The surface finish target is a gloss gradient, from mat to shiny. The nuances or effects target is a description such as “marbled”, “iridescent”, “pearly”, etc.

Tint targets should perfectly match customer expectations or finish specifications. The colorist’s expertise lies precisely in understanding finish expectations and in formulating the exact hues and processes in consequence. The painter and metallizer roles are to apply these processes meticulously.

The VOLUM-e team of colorists, painters and metallizers works on ever changing projects and at the same time strives to standardize or automate processes. The objective is to reliably finish series parts with automated processes in order to meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, time and cost.


VOLUM-e’s added value

All tints on all materials

The team works on all materials otherwise processed at the factory: plastics, resins, wood, glass and metals.

High-end silver metallizing

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a sharp metallization process which coats a piece with thin, heat and abrasion resistant tints. The process is efficient and controlled. Moreover, VOLUM-e uses silver instead of aluminum for PVD in order to reach a higher gloss gradient and a pure white hue.

|  The colorist’s “eye”

Color formulation is a critical step which may compromise the entire production process. The colorist’s “eye” is the best guarantee for reaching project tint objectives. VOLUM-e values and fosters this expertise.

|  Speed and agility

The painting team is on-site at the VOLUM-e factory. They show great time-management skills in applying the final touch to multiple projects at once and in meeting the deadlines.


The painting team has access to all the equipment needed for reaching any tint on many surfaces :

  • Painting cabins with extractor hoods 
  • UV stoves
  • Natural light cabins
  • Spectrocolorimeters
  • Color measurement software
  • Scales precise to the hundredth gram
  • PVD metallization systems
  • Painting guns and other Tools