VOLUM-e inherits from a 140 years-old family tradition in manufacturing, which dates back to Charles and Henri Desjonquères founding a glass factory in 1876. Within 3DS Group, the firm MMB stems most directly from this adventure. It was founded as subsidiary to the Verreries Desjonquères in 1971 and maintains strong glass craftsmainship.

VOLUM-e acknowledges that the 4th industrial revolution is taking place. Recent progress in digital technologies and the rise of artificial intelligence let us forecast the rapid growth of customized products and of cyber-physical systems : “smart” Embedded-systems, IoT, etc.

The digitalization of factories will not enable to produce these systems but also held bridge the gap with consumers, and thus achieve great flexibility improvements. Finally, Industry 4.0 must allow to make significant energy and raw material savings thanks to productivity gains on the one hand and better product life cycle management on the other.

VOLUM-e embraces this disruption by building an additive manufacturing strike force to produce complex and customized parts, by leveraging digital technologies in its operation, and by promoting sustainable practices Under proactive leadership.

VOLUM-e defends a vision rooted in its origins which is to help the local industrial network thrive. VOLUM-e seeks to contribute, grow and last in this environment through entrepreneurial agility.

“To be an avant-garde player, this is the technological challenge that VOLUM-e set for itself. Avant-garde by entering the value chain of such high-tech industries as Aerospace and space. Avant-garde by serving innovation through rapid prototyping, the original field of expertise. Avant-garde also by achieving a technological edge thanks to voluntarist R&D efforts combined with the integration of robust design and manufacturing processes to produce parts of unrivaled performance. Avant-garde finally by pioneering series production standards with additive manufacturing”.

France Desjonquères – Chief Executive Officer

France Desjonquères - CEO Volum-e

VOLUM-e milestones

VOLUM-e is a subsidiary to 3DS Group. The group is located in the Glass Valley in France. A sister company within the group, MMB has supplied models and prototypes to luxury brands and major car manufacturers since 1971.

In 1993, MMB launches a rapid prototyping service. The company is a pioneer when adopting 3D printing or more precisely specific plastic additive manufacturing processes : stereolithography and then selective laser sintering.

Master Built Prototypes (MB Proto) is launched in 2000. The new firm proposes rapid prototyping services to new industries.

In 2003, metal additive manufacturing is in turn experimented with and progressively adopted by both companies, which now operate Under 3DS Group, through participations in European research projects on this emerging technology.

In 2015, 3DS Group founds VOLUM-e and invests to double additive manufacturing production capabilities and reach 30 systems. VOLUM-e turns from prototyping to series production at industrial scale.

November 17th, 2016, an Ariane 5 rocket launcher leaves Kourou for a first flight in space with an engine part produced through additive manufacturing at VOLUM-e. The team follows the sucessful launch as it seals a great accomplishment and promises future adventures.

Productivity is multiplied by 4 for metal additive manufacturing after having acquired an EOS M400-4 system. It is the first machine of its kind to be operated in France which again makes VOLUM-e a pioneer with this technology.

Scheduled for 2023, VOLUM-e will open a new industrial facility nearby, in Bouttencourt (80220). 3000m2 will be dedicated to production and R&D in additive manufacturing.