A firm at the avant-garde,
A specialist in metal and additive manufacturing.

Launched in 2000 as Master Built Prototypes, the subsidiary to 3DS Group was renamed VOLUM-e 3D Complex Production in 2015. The group is owned in majority by a family holding. VOLUM-e thus benefits from 50 years of accumulated experience in the manufacturing of exceptional goods, as well as from Financial and strategic backing.

Holding 3DS

The manufacturing plant and offices are located in Blangy-sur-Bresle (76340) in France, close to the A28 highway. VOLUM-e is less than one hour away from the city of Amiens and two hours from Paris.

VOLUM-e embraces the principles toward industry 4.0. The plant is designed to welcome high-technology Equipment in optimal conditions.


VOLUM-e 3D Complex Production is as the avant-garde of metal and plastic additive manufacturing operations. Commonly designated by the term “3D Printing”, these technologies work in synergy with CNC machining and vacuum casting which VOLUM-e operates as well. Installed capacities are built to last and be the industry reference.

VOLUM-e develops its expertise and capacities with the aim of offering optimized services in series production, rapid prototyping and R&D.

VOLUM-e has solutions to produce complex parts which can benefit many industries : Aerospace, defense and space, medical and pharmaceutical appliances, energy and other industrial Equipment.

Operateur machine fabrication additive metal