Following a careful study a Customer projects, VOLUM-e takes the decision to commit on their fulfillment and defines Project Managers who are responsible for integrating all requirements into each part’s design and manufacturing strategy.

1/ Feasibility notice – VOLUM-e engineers first analyze Customer projects to provide an opinion on feasibility and suggest planning modifications where necessary to the sales team and contractors.

2/ Contract stage – Sales and purchasing teams at VOLUM-e and the prime contractor respectively define the project conditions, sign the contract and thereby launch operations.

3/ Co-design – VOLUM-e engineers carefully study project specifications, anticipate and difficulty and provide their recommendations. Dialogue is most often the key to an optimal design : innovative and leveraging fully each technology in the production process.

4/ CAD/CAM – VOLUM-e engineers define the manufacturing strategy and plan for all operations by working on the part supporting structures, machining allowances, distortion simulations, ease of post-treatments, etc.