VOLUM-e has accumulated extensive experience in rapid prototyping. Moreover, the mother company 3DS Group is a prototyping specialist since 1971 and therefore handed down skills and capabilities.

Agility is a core competency of VOLUM-e as this corporate culture alone allows for ingeniously adapting the manufacturing strategy to each new project and then for implementing it effectively and efficiently so as to meet Customer expectations within short deadlines.

Trust is essential in Relationships with customers. Dialogue around the use of the prototype and its stake for the project enables VOLUM-e not only to better understand and therefore meet the expectations, but also to possibly provide with design and manufacturing recommendations.

The diversity of production processes at the factory makes VOLUM-e a very resourceful Partner to find manufacturing solutions in the most diverse projects.

Functional Prototypes

The rapid prototyping team is able to reach stringent spécifications on the prototype so that it may be used in tests that demonstrate the feasability of its design or point at necessary charges.

Depoussiereuse medicaments

Pharmatechnology / Drug dedusting machine
Metal & Plastic AM / Vacuum Casting / Machining / Injection molding

Mokam kinestesia

Kinestesia / Mokam
Vacuum cast case in par with injection molding performances / Machining / Assembly / Quality controls / Painting / Transfers

Aspect Prototypes

Aspect prototypes are used to test and validate such features as the shape, ergonomics and appearance of the part. VOLUM-e achieves perfect finish by combining technologies from its broad capability set and by applying exceptional know-how in post-treatment and surface finish.

Prototype de style

Decoration piece
Metal Additive Manufacturing

Prototype de style

Demonstration piece
Vacuum casting