Aeronautics & Space

VOLUM-e operates avant-garde production capabilities, which are certified and coherent for it to offer high-performance manufacturing solutions to cutting edge companies such as Safran and Thalès. All Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) machines but those dedicated to R&D are qualified for series production by prime contractors in Aerospace.

Furthermore, VOLUM-e is certified EN/AS 9100, which testified for its commitment to constant process improvement and dedication to meet specific Aerospace requirements. VOLUM-e thus strives to offer better solutions in terms of quality, price and deadlines.

Secteur aeronautique
Secteur defense

Defense & Security

Additive Manufacturing can greatly benefit the defense industry thanks to its potential to increase performance, reduce costs and enable new engineering feats. It is especially fitting to the industry’s low volumes.

VOLUM-e gathers a team of experts and operates state-of-the-art production capabilities to answer ever increasing Customer demands.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The health care industry is ever more interested in additive manufacturing, especially for such applications as custom-made medical devices optimized for each patient. Moreover, VOLUM-e is a specialist at transforming biocompatible plastics, which can interact with the human body.

Pinces chirurgicales
Secteur energie


Additive Manufacturing provides solutions to many applications in the energy sectors thanks to its ability to produce complex custom parts in light and resistant materials. VOLUM-e is a specialist in additive manufacturing with stainless steels and aluminium.

Equipment Goods

VOLUM-e distinguishes itself in the French context by a double expertise : prototyping and series production. The team is able to manage Customer product development projects from design, through prototyping, industrialization, production and packaging, up to delivery of the final product, part or subsystem.


VOLUM-e’s sister company, MMB Creative Proto & Parts, is specialized in carrying out prototyping projects for the luxury and automotive industries.

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