Since 2003, VOLUM-e has chosen to make a single metal additive manufacturing technology its specialty : Laser Beam Melting on Powder-Bed (LBM-PB). This choice has proven to be right because this technology is now the most accurate, precise and mature of Metal AM processes and therefore best suited for series production.

VOLUM-e owns and operates 13 LBM-PB machines, so it has among the largest capacity in France. The majority of machines can be dedicated to a single material family (9 in February 2018). This allows to effectively mitigate contamination risks and to increase productivity. These dedicated machines are referred to as “production” as they are most likely to qualify for series production.

VOLUM-e allows for material switching on a minority of systems (4 in February 2018) in order to carry R&D activities, whether for internal, institutional or Customer projects.

Fusion laser

VOLUM-e’s added value

|  Vast experience

VOLUM-e has pioneer metal AM since 2003, when it acquired a first machine to carry out R&D projects with grants from the European Union. The accumulated experience is a prime factor behind VOLUM-e’s leadership position.

|  Certified to Aerospace standards

VOLUM-e is not only EN9100 certified since 2015, it is also qualified by such companies as ArianeGroup, Safran and Thalès.

|  Industrial scale

VOLUM-e has research industrial scale with its 13 machines and especially the “production” or material-dedicated ones. The custom-built new infrastructure further secures and optimizes production. Series production of flying parts since 2015 serves as evidence.

Open processing parameters

VOLUM-e uniquely develops, adapts and optimizes process parameters (laser power, layer thickness, etc) to meet Customer-spécifications on production projetcs or for R&D purposes.

Echangeur thermique FAM

Chacune Each production system is located in a dedicated room in a contamination-free and safe environment. Production capabilities are entirely located in a dedicated building which was inaugurated in 2016.

Metal AM machines at VOLUM-e :

  • 1 EOS M280 : building Platform dimension 250*250*320mm,
  • 5 EOS M290 : building Platform dimension 250*250*325mm,
  • 2 EOS M400 : building Platform dimension 400*400*360mm,
  • 1 EOS M400-4 lasers : building Platform dimension 400*400*360 mm,
  • 1 Realizer SLM100,
  • 2 Realizer SLM50,
  • 1 Electrical-Discharge machining (EDM)

Metal AM Material Library

Demonstrateurs matiere


  • Light,
  • Corrosion-resistant,
  • Recyclable,
  • Max dimension : 400*400*360mm 
Demonstrateurs matiere


  • Corrosion and erosion-resistant,
  • High-strength mechanical properties,
  • Biocompatible,
  • Max dimensions : 400*400*360mm.
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  • Corrosion-resistant to some degree,
  • Durable,
  • Low-friction,
  • Max dimensions : 70*70*80mm
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  • Highly corrosion and stain resistant,
  • Durable,
  • Recyclable,
  • Easy to clean and sterilize,
  • Max dimensions : 250*250*325mm
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  • Heat and corrosion resistant,
  • Max dimensions : 400*400*360mm
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  • Max dimensions : 70*70*80mm