Manufacturer of high-performance 3D parts for industrial innovations and cutting-edge industry.

Established in 2015 in Blangy-sur-Bresle in the Seine-Maritime department of France and subsidiary of the 3DS group managed by France Desjonquères, VOLUM-e is specialized in the manufacturing of complex parts for low- to medium-volume production.
The company designs high-performance 3D parts for industrial innovations and cutting-edge industries and is active in three strategic sectors: aeronautic, medical and capital goods.

With its wealth of unique expertise in metal and plastic additive manufacturing, 3D printing, 5-axis machining and vacuum casting, VOLUM-e has developed over the years, an exclusive variety of skills.
Present on the entire production line, from the design to the finished part, VOLUM-e provides close support for their customers and specific solutions for their model and prototype, special tool, design & co-design and manufactured part needs, while guaranteeing optimum reactivity and competitiveness.

France Desjonquères - CEO Volum-e


« Volum-e set itself a technological challenge at its inception in 2015: to be at the cutting edge of the prototype field. At the cutting edge through involvement in leading sectors, such as the aviation, aerospace and automotive industries, as well as luxury. At the cutting edge with a technological lead – the result of a proactive approach to research and development and extremely rigorous design and manufacturing methods for the production of parts with unrivaled performance. And finally, at the cutting edge with in-house serial part production. »

France Desjonquères CEO


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Farnborough Airshow 2018

VOLUM-e at the Farnborough International Airshow

MMB / VOLUM-e at the 3D Print trade show

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