Volum-e or the quest for cost/time optimization

  • Joint design: design work incorporating all questions relating to geometry, technical feasibility and weight reduction during which Volum-e provides a polymer prototype service to assist design and save development time.
  • Direct manufacturing: Volum-e produces your parts through Additive Metal manufacturing (FAM), and also offers the production of parts through Additive plastic manufacturing (FAP), a technology which provides advantages equivalent to those of FAM, for the series production of small or medium batches of polymer parts.
  • Inspection: After each operation (FAM, heat treatment, wire cutting), Volum-e carries out geometric conformity checks through 3D Scan. Following the machining phase, a final approval check is carried out using a three-dimensional measuring machine (MMT). Successive checks that allow the part to be approved gradually, thereby avoiding the risk of the single check at the end of the process. In addition, the Scan process reduces the time required for these checking operations by a factor of 5.
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Computer-aided design



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Vacuum casting